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Depending on the scope and specifics of your problem, we can provide consulting and technical judicial and extrajudicial authorized expertise in Computers (including Digital forensics), Automatic Control and Industrial Informatics, Networks and Telecommunications Software.

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Areas of expertise

Computer Science and Informatics

We currently perform expertise on hardware infrastructures (servers, workstations etc.) and software products (application features, intelectual property rights etc.) used by economic operators or public institutions

Networking and telecommunications software

We perform expertise on the execution of telecommunication networks (optical fiber, copper, radio) and generally on the implementation of digital data transmission technologies

Industrial Automatic Control

We expertise the automation systems for production plants (industrial furnaces, various parts manufacturing systems, CNC numerical control machines, industrial robot handling systems, etc.)


We conduct digital forensics to recover and expertise data found in computer and communications devices that were typically involved in a cyber security incident, using state of the art methods and tools

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Our clients

Our clients are generally companies, banks, NFIs, software or industrial equipment providers etc., but also individuals. The services that we offer are the assistance as counselor expert in the judicial expertise ordered by the courts or extrajudicial expertise, on client request.

Why us

15 years experience in IT & C, systems engineering, developing various software systems.
10 years Academic experience (Associated Professor at Petroleum Gas University of Ploiesti and University Politehnica of Bucharest).
Authorization from the Ministry of Justice to carry out judicial and extrajudicial technical expertise and the acquired experience in this field.
Ph.D. in Systems Engineering and B.S. degree in Automatic Control and Computers from the University Politehnica of Bucharest, with scientific contributions in the fields of software engineering and emergency systems.
More than 200 technical expertise missions (extrajudicial or judicial, as consultant or designated expert) successfully completed.


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Tax identification code (CUI): RO41773020, M.J. Authorization: No. 3220072015 Serial 85869526062015
Stelian Mihale 6, Sector 3, Bucharest